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world dairy expo

2015 - Kasparek was approached by Turnpike LLC to help launch Cargill's new ad campaign "Feed your dreams." He executed three 8X6 foot images using Cargill's TMR dairy feed product over the course of three days, LIVE, during the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI. An overhead camera streaming to a TV just outside the booth  provided expo attendees a bird's eye view of the renderings.


ongoing - Kasparek was first dared to try the Art of the Madonnari in the summer of 2007. He has been practicing the art ever since and participates in as many local events as he can. The factors of time, mother nature and limited materials provide an excellent challenge for Kasparek's competitive nature. In 2012, he traveled to Naples, Italy to instruct the craft to high school students who then used their new found knowledge to organize a street painting festival for the local community. He is for hire for events or installation.


2014 - st. louis, mo. This was an outstanding effort that brought hundreds of volunteers together in the neighborhoods of Benton Park and Benton Park West with the support of Brightside St. Louis and Budlight's Do Good Have Fun campaign. In addition to the park and gardening beautification projects, a 1800 linear foot mural was executed in a mere 4 hours on the corner of Arsenal and Jefferson. Kasparek orchestrated the mural. He armed approximately 80 volunteers with handcut stencils(80), stray paint(180 cans) and a cheat sheet of his proposed design. Volunteers did this!!!


2007 - Transformation. Kasparek pondered this project for over four years and the final day of conception was to fall on my 30th birthday to correlate with Christ’s calling into teaching. Leading up to the time of execution Kasparek took a Nazirite Vow. Once a week, every week, a picture was staged to document the progression of change, and to retain honesty/motivation as the project drug on. After twenty-six weeks the project had become something unexpected and uncontrollable. The social implications started to outweigh the base project proposal. All hair was shaved off in a wave of frustration at 1am, midway through the twenty-seventh week.


2005 - blend restaurant. A project commissioned by Dr. Marc Young for the new Cedar Rapids, IA downtown eatery that pushed Kasparek and the capabilities of oil paint to the limit. Once gaining final approval on the project the two 6X12 foot paintings were completed in the awe inspiring pace of two months. They were hung on a Kasparek designed cradle system that allows the paintings to "float" on the wall. In the summer of 2008 blend was hit hard by the flood that swept through the heart of the city. With quick thinking the paintings were saved and were able to be rehung for blend's renovation after the flood. 

interior design



custom furniture

custom furniture


Born and raised in rural Iowa, Kasparek received an undergraduate education at Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. Upon graduation he lived in Europe, primarily in Italy and refined his artistic focus.

I lived abroad for a few years. Loved it. Moved back to the good 'ol Midwest.

Since the year 2000, Kasparek has participated in over thirty exhibitions. In addition to his outstanding exhibition record, Kasparek's list of collectors is worldwide. His strongest patrons reside primarily in the midwest region; however, private collections as far as Asia and Europe contain his original works.

I have exhibited all over the world, but regardless of how many shows I have and all the places I go, I am still searching. What good is a resume.... it's all about relationships.

In early 2005, Kasparek and Heuer Publishing formed a new working partnership to develop original art that defines and enhances the plays and musicals that Heuer publishes. Mr. Kasparek has since created over 70 original pieces of art for the playbills and productions.

Lots of illustrations.

Fighting self-destruction in early 2007, Kasparek set his sights on bringing a years old idea to fruition. In March, Kasparek unveiled the UNcover exhibition in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The show consisted of 100 works from 30 artists from fourteen states and three countries. It was deemed a local and personal success.

 "Idle hands are the devils workshop." Stay busy and stay sane.

In late August 2008, he moved to the Netherlands where he devoted much of his time to the "Working Man" series. A collection of mixed media paintings that honor the class of men and women he hated saying goodbye to when leaving the USA.

Have you ever been? You should go. Go somewhere. Ante up, sell all your posessions and get out of town. Aren't you suppose to be living life?

In late 2009 Kasparek headed to Saint Louis, Missouri, while working towards his most ambitious project to date. With a working title of "Transformation," leading up to a series of 15 larger than life paintings entitled "The Second Coming of Christ."

Moving to a city where I knew no one in the middle of an economic crisis wasn't, perhaps, the wisest decision. I've done more foolish things. Keep swinging.

In the hot summer of 2015 Kasparek moved across the Mississippi to Alton, IL. Leaving behind brands built, restaurants consulted, public art projects completed and on the horizon. Big things seem to be a brewing, and we are no longer talking about the brewery.

Hated saying goodbye to the city. Time for something new.

In the winter of 2017 Kasparek moved back home - to Iowa. Where he is painting and building & building and painting.

Love. Family. Iowa. It’s where I need to be right now.


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